Utorrent stuck finding peers

I tried using multiple locations and protocols through expressvpn, but all the torrents i start get stuck at finding. Hello, my torrents are stuck at finding peers but i cant find out what the issue is. All of a sudden, i downloaded a torrent from piratebay and it was stuck a 0. If utorrent is stuck on connecting to peers for you, here are a. Your utorrent gets stuck on connecting to peers forever. Ive been downloading torrents from utorrent from priatebay and kickasstorrents for 2 months now. Somewhere between one and all torrents get stuck with status finding peers. Possible causes and fix for utorrent finding peers error not the connecting to peers one. All trackers either give no such host is known or connection timed out. Utorrent wont download any files instead the status bar shows finding peers, i unchecked enable dht, and my firewall has granted access to utorrent. Ive search through the forum here but i havent found a sollution. Sometimes, clients like utorrent get stuck on connecting to peers error, where the bittorrent client cannot connect to other bittorrent users. How to bring dead torrents back to life torrentfreak. Solved finding peers troubleshooting bittorrent forums.

How to fix utorrent connecting to peers problem youtube. A short tutorial on how to fix the issue when your torrents are stuck at finding peers on utorrent. This guide will help you fix utorrent not downloading issue quickly and easily. How to fix utorrent stuck at finding peers youtube. Idk what the problem is i tried everything, please help out. Im unsure why, but i dont have windows firewall on and i dont have antivirus to prevent it from doing it. Normally the case on older torrents, essentially all the full 100% seeds have gone. I download some number of torrents and open them in utorrent. Either its glaring at me and i am missing it or its in his signature. Pc and router firewallas are down as well, no change. Ive readded the torrents, reinstalled utorrent, tried with deluge as well, tried several different sites, nothing helped. Im on a wired connection at my college, and one of my roommates has been able to torrent no problem, so its not the wired connection thats the issue. Utorrent is stuck at finding peers toms guide forum.

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